Spring in Seville Wrap

Spring brings promises of hotter days ahead, when you might find relief at Rayas, the famous ice cream hangout. These days, the heat is just a warm breeze, tempting the adventurous with light melodies of tango. You just might want this light wrap for the cooler evenings ahead.  The silks in this wrap are hand-dyed and hand selected to give you just the right weight for the cool evenings when you want something light to cover up. The buttons in front close the wrap, leaving your hands free for – finally – dancing the tango!

Autumn in New York Jacket

What is it they say about autumn in New York? It seems so inviting and it brings the promise of new love. If you dine at the Ritz in this jacket, you may find that new excitement, but if not, you’ll surely be well-dressed for your walk up 5th Avenue to the Metropolitan Museum.  Made of silk and wool, this jacket will not be too warm when the sun shines brightly in Manhattan – or any other place you happen to be in the fall of the year. The colors are bright and engaging, just to remind you that spring is not so far away.


Channeling Vionnet



Madeleine Vionnet designed clothing for modern women in the 1920s and 30s. She loved drapeable fabrics and used them on the bias. This jacket demonstrates how the bias can be used for handwoven, heavier fabrics. Woven of cotton, silk, rayon and wool, it truly is a modern garment!