The Evening on Broadway Bag

This flirty little bag sits on the piano bar in the Waldorf Astoria, enjoying light music and a good drink. There’s a special smug confidence knowing that snuggled safely inside are tickets, mezzanine seats to a revival of Cabaret. The show starts soon, and there will be a lovely dinner after. Where? That will be a special surprise.

The fabric in this bag was created by M with fibers from Italy – cotton, linen and a perfectly matched tencel. Stow your keys, tickets, and credit card in the bag, zip the zipper, and not worry about losing any of them. There is plenty of room in the bag for a map and sun glasses, too.


The Strolling Along the Boulevard Bag

The perfect companion for, well, strolling along the boulevard. Start with brunch at Fantino’s, then a walk through Central Park and a visit to the Metropolitan Museum. Carry just the minimum and enjoy your day, confident in your look with your bag on your shoulder. Cock your head at a jaunty angle and a spring in your step…You know it’s going to be a great day.

M carefully selects the specially hand-dyed silks and tencel used in this handbag. The shoulder strap and the button details give this bag just the right jaunty air for strolling, and free your hands for reading a map, holding someone else’s hand, or just walking briskly on an autumn day.


The Summer in Paris Bag


Equally at home in a Parisian hotel suite or clutched in wonder as you wander the Louvre. Incredibly versatile, it can be a sophisticated touch of class or a fun-loving party animal when the music starts.

The X and O pattern is ancient – we have updated it with modern luxury materials of tencel and hand dyed silk, making it timeless. This bag is large and can easily accommodate all your necessaries when you are dressing up. There is a large pocket inside for your cell phone and keys, as well as a roomy main compartment for everything else.


The Monet Bag


This captivating little bag will sit quietly with you and a special friend contemplating the changing light on a French cathedral or the gentle waters of a pond in Versailles park. Cerebral and even a bit reserved, it’s one of those elegant but quiet beauties that once seen, can never be put out of mind.

This little pouch bag has hints of gold thread all through it, making it sparkle in the moonlight. It is woven with silk, tencel and bamboo, practical but luxurious fibers. The gold thread makes this bag more precious and justa little special. Its small size means it’s practical for tucking under your arm, or resting in your hand.