I combine the world’s most luxurious fibers and my own sense of color into scarves, shawls, pillows and throws for the discerning man and woman. With my friend Betsy Macfarlan’s cashmere (grown on Betsy’s cashmere goat farm in Ely, NV), I hand-dye the fibers to make unparalleled color and fiber combinations that are exciting as well as easy to look at.

Using the modern fibers available to me (silk, cashmere, fine merino wool, cotton and linen), I am actively investigating our North American weaving past. In the 18th, 19th and early 20th centuries, women all over this continent wove fabrics for their families’ domestic use on very simple looms. One of the most beautiful – as well as functional – of their creations was the coverlet, which was the top layer on every bed in the home. These coverlet patterns are unique to North America and offer a glimpse into our creative past. I update these patterns into lively, modern, and highly wearable and usable accessories and home decor. This is my way of remembering and honoring those women (and a few men) who came before us…You can see my designs in many of the items I create – in the Coverlet Series.

My passion is making things. I love the creative process of taking different patterns and putting them together into one beautiful, unique piece. I search out new ways, new information, new people, new ideas of beauty to inform myself and my creations.

My typical clients are independent thinkers and individualistic in their approach to life. They don’t mind paying more for well designed, impeccably hand-crafted goods. In a cookie cutter world, simply elegant, tasteful and sophisticated goods stand out.