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I have been working intensely to finish the order for the Michener Art Museum, due the middle of this month. My last additions are here:

Coverlet Series #6 – Sea Shell

This pattern doesn’t have an author – at least we think “she” might have been a weaver in North Carolina around the turn of the 20th century. Sometimes the weavers signed their work, sometimes they didn’t. If one is weaving all the domestic linens for a large family, signing woven work is probably the last thing to think about!

closeup of “Sea Shell”

The scarf is woven of tencel and rayon, two fibers that the weaver of the original coverlet did not have access to, as she probably wove with cotton and wool. And the vibrant colors are from synthetic dyes, something else she might not have had.

Coverlet Series #5 “Sea Shell”







The other series I’ve been working on is the Native Dreams Series. Thank you to Peggy Osterkamp for the original draft. This pattern has been fun to play with as I can make a lot of different designs with the one threading. These two scarves are made of 100% silk, and are called “Robots” and “Houses” respectively.

Native Dreams #2: Robots and Houses
Native Dreams #2: Robots

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